Current delivers a unified, global, and scalable brand

The entrepreneurial spirit of our CEO, Brad Beakley, led us to a new approach to air travel with the launch of Current, a new airline bringing ease and efficiency to the travel experience. Current partners with regional air carriers and other certificated air travel operators to bring simple, convenient, non-stop flights to markets that are served inconsistently and inconveniently today. We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the industry experts behind Current Aviation

Brad Beakley
Brad BeakleyChief Executive Officer
Michael Warnken
Michael WarnkenChief Marketing Officer
Burke Whipple
Burke Whipple Head of Finance
Laurie Kirkpatrick
Laurie KirkpatrickChief Information Officer
John Wickson
John WicksonChief Planning & Strategy Officer
Mark Ellinger
Mark EllingerChief Global Development Officer

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