Current delivers a unified, global, and scalable brand

Our asset-light model provides unparalleled flexibility allowing it to source the right aircraft for the right mission. As demand develops in a market, Current can act in almost real-time to meet that demand in an economically viable way, unlike traditional airlines.

Current offers non-stop service and removes barriers to travel

Current brings reasonably priced non-stop service to underserved markets, reducing travel time by 50-60%, getting customers to their destination faster. This gives them more time at their destination to get work done or to spend time with family and friends.

The Current model is sustainable for carriers, their employees, and the cities they serve

We have identified over 400 potential markets that are underserved today and are ready and waiting for non-stop service to arrive, fueling local economic growth.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the industry experts behind Current Aviation

Brad Beakley
Brad BeakleyChief Executive Officer
Manolo Centeno
Manolo CentenoChief Operating Officer
Michael Warnken
Michael WarnkenChief Marketing Officer
Burke Whipple
Burke Whipple Head of Finance
Laurie Kirkpatrick
Laurie KirkpatrickChief Information Officer
John Wickson
John WicksonChief Planning & Strategy Officer

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